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Welcome to
Scholars Convent School

Our Mission

With an aim to realize full potential of our students, We not only educate them, but also enable them to learn about their likes and dislikes; Know their interests; and explore things on their own. This way, We instill in them a sense of confidence and independence. We inculcate inquisitiveness in our students and motivate them to look beyond the obvious and question what is not right.Providing a balanced curriculum, where participation in sports and other cultural activities is a must for everyone, we attempt at achieving overall growth of our students.


Principal Jyoti Mehta

Our Vision

It today’s highly-competitive world, we aspire to give students a happy, motivating and an affectionate atmosphere to enable them grow into responsible, well-educated and independent citizens of tomorrow. With an endeavour to provide an education that facilitates holistic development along with personal growth of students, we envision a great future for them and hope to contribute to our society’s growth and development at every step.

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