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Principle Message, School Vision and Goals

Your child is a very special individual who needs a happy, secure and challenging environment in which to grow.  A child’s natural curiosity to explore his/her world gives teachers the basis on which to build learning experiences that will provide a solid foundation for the early years of schooling. Scholars Convent School recognises the importance of these early years of schooling.  For parents, it is vital that your child receives an excellent start to schooling in a friendly, caring and family atmosphere. Scholars Convent School provides this environment - our motto is -


Scholars Convent School.  We aim to meet the challenge of specific educational outcome goals for students as well as developing creative, resilient, independent, flexible and socially adept young people.


By browsing through our website, you will find out more about Scholars Convent School and the learning advantages it offers. If you have any queries or comments, you are most welcome to discuss them with me at any time.


Mrs Jyoti Taneja. Principal




Scholars Convent School which aims to develop well adjusted individuals who strive to achieve their full potential in a dynamic, caring and supportive environment.



At Scholars Convent School, we aim to meet the challenge of specific educational goals for students as well as developing resilient, independent and socially adept young children.   We aim to foster:


o   sound academics

o   self-discipline and self-worth

o   respect for others

o   co-operative learning and living skills


Our dedicated staff take a very real interest in all children and are committed to each child’s future success by providing challenging programs that promote individual growth and achievement, leadership and co-operation with others.


Students are encouraged to have significant input into, and responsibility for, their learning.  Our staff plan using learning styles, group work, communication and a wide range of thinking skills to encourage deep understanding and knowledge.  Every student, parents and the teacher contributes toward students’ Individual Learning Plans with student achievement being goal focused.


Scholars Convent School, our belief in providing your child with a broad and practical learning experience has resulted in an engaging, comprehensive curriculum incorporating:


  • A strong emphasis on Numeracy and Literacy

  • Thinking skills from Prep – Grade 6

  • A sustainable environment program

  • Multimedia and computer skills development

  • Access to visiting Library and Art services

  • Active Physical Education and interschool sports program

  • L.O.T.E. (language Other Than English) from Foundation – Grade 6

  • Exposure across all areas of The Arts


In addition, a marvelous buddy program is in place as well as a strong student leadership program with active involvement in Junior School Council of students from Foundation through to Grade 6.


At Scholars Convent School, there is an active partnership between school, home and community.  We believe each child receives the care, attention and opportunities which will help them learn, broaden their experiences and develop the self-confidence they need to grow into successful young adults in the twenty first century.


Scholars Convent School provides an inclusive education for children with specific needs.


Scholars Convent School values students’ views and incorporates them into planning related to school environment, organisation and practice.  We actively provide student leadership opportunities which encourage students to:


o   Accept roles of responsibility with integrity and honesty

o   Foster a sense of vision and purpose

o   Work collectively with, and lead, others

o   Take on responsibilities and use decision making skills

o   Earn the respect of others through their actions

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